Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rugs Shown at July Meeting of Peninsula Rugmakers Guild

Annie's Flower Power - Hooked by Betty Montang - Designer:  Cindi Gay

Hampden - Hooked by Susan Kleindon - Designer:  Jane Flynn

Cathy's Tulips - Hooked by Ardis Deane - Designer:  Laura Pierce

Cathy's Tulips - Hooked by Gerri Shaw - designer:  Laura Pierce

Punch Hooked Roses - Hooked by Lisa Wagner

Antique Rose Rug - Owned by Betty Montang

Holly/Birdie - Hooked by Jodi Steenstrup - Original Design

Fandango - Hooked by Ardis Deane - Designed by Jane Olson
Maggie - Hooked by Gerri Shaw - Original Design

Betty Montang gets an opinion from Pat McRoberts

Wendy Brannon checking out everyone's projects

Gerri Shaw, Susan Kleindon, Ruth Ellen Saarinen and Jann Dessling contemplating the finer points of a piece.

Reflections (going to two separate homes) hooked by Roland Nunn

Reflections (closeup) hooked by Roland Nunn
I was sorry I was leaving for an appointment and couldn't wait when Roland arrived to share his rugs.  I would have liked to get better photos, but had already lingered longer than I should have.

To see the photos in their original size, double click on photo.  One click will make it large -- a second click will make it even larger.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011-07-31 - McGown Teachers Workshop - Pillow Progress

I started this piece at Western McGown Teachers Workshop in Eugene, Oregon on June 24, 2011. The class was taught by Shelley Flannery.  She stepped in at the last minute to teach the class.  It was great spending the day with her and seeing some of her beautiful hooked pieces.

This pillow top was a stretch from my comfort zone.  I pushed myself (with some help from my mentor Nancy Miller Quigley) to use a variety of wool in each element.  I am so excited about the end result.

I feel pretty confident when I'm hooking, but when I'm ready to bind off or sew a piece together.  Cutting that linen down to a reasonable seam allowance is nerve wracking.  I usually put it off as long as possible because of the fear of totally screwing the whole piece up at the finishing stage.  I'm quite excited to get this one on the sofa though, so maybe I will be doing some sewing this weekend.

Floral Fantasy - S (PR1301)
Available from The House of Price, Inc.