Sunday, November 21, 2010

November Rugs from Peninsula Rugmakers Guild

Gerri Shaw – Poppy (Connie Charleston pattern hooked with #3 cut directly on Dorr Wool)

Gerri's shading is exquisite!  I had to touch it to see if it was sculptured the shading was so perfect.

What a novel idea Connie Charleston had with hooking using wool as a backing.  Those of us who have struggled mightily sewing a pillow together will appreciate how much easier it will be for Gerri to make a pillow out of this piece. 

Ardis Deane – (Actual Name Unknown – Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern)

Cute pattern using real (although miniature) clothespins.  Ardis plans to hang it in her laundry room.

Ardis Deane – (Pattern & Designer Unknown)

Ardis calls this her Mt. Fuji gristmill -- maybe somewhere in Japan there is a gristmill with a pine tree and a river flowing by it.  Those mountains do resemble Mt. Fuji!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hydrangeas - Redone

2010-11-16, originally uploaded by Sharlene W.

As you can see, I tore the hydrangeas flowerettes that I already hooked out and started over. The cluster isn't complete yet, but I think it looks MUCH better. The secret is adding a center to each flowerette as well as ensuring there is enough contrast. Before it was a blossom blur. Better?

I am using a 3 cut on the hydrangeas, but hope to do most of the rest of it in a 4.  I started out with a 4 here, but pulled everything out and started over with a 3 cut because 4 cut strips were just too big.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shadows for the Hydrangeas (Dye Formulas)

After setting to work with my wool for my hydrangeas, I soon realized that what I was missing was dark wool for the shadows.  I had thought I could use the darker pieces of the initial wool dyed for these flowers, but I soon realized they were not dark enough.  I decided I need some dark lavender, dark blue/lavender and dark rosy wool.  Just in case I'm not happy with the results, I am only experimenting with 3/4 yard total, and I am documenting the process so that if I am trilled I can replicate it easily.

I prepare all of my wool by first tearing 18" length and then tearing that in half to get two  1/4 yard pieces.

I tore three 1/4 yard pieces of natural into 4 strips.

First 4:

1/8 tsp Pro Chem Lavender in 1 CBW
To this I lightly mixed 1 tbsp Prochem Brilliant Blue (1/4 tsp - 1 CBW)
I added 1 strip at a time, waiting about 45 seconds between

Second 5:
1/8 tsp Prochem Pink Sand in 1 CBW
Added 1 strip at a time, but waited until nearly all color was drawn up until I added last strip.
I then took all strips out and set them aside and to the water added 1/8 Tsp Lavender mixed with 1 CBW
I added strips back one at a time leaving them in about 45 seconds between BUT 2nd strip in was not overdyed first with Pink Sand.  Again I waited until nearly all dye drawn up before adding last strip.

Third 4 (Includes lightest strip from previous two processes):
1/8 Prochem Pink Sand and 1/8 Prochem Lobster Bisque mixed together in 1 CBW
Added 1 strip at a time leaving them in for about 45 seconds between strips.
Last strip in was light strip from previous two processes.

When it looked like all of the dye had drawn up, I tossed back all of the previously dyed strips and let them simmer together to set the dye.  I doubt if there will be any transfer of dye from one strip to the other because they were all pretty well set at this point, but if there is, it won't matter in the whole scheme of things.

I still feel like I am missing the green tone I want in these flowers.  I am awaiting a shipment of dye from Prochem before I commit to dying that wool.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Isn't this marvelous!  It almost looks like someone painted them to get the effect.    What a beautiful display of color I ran across on Martha Stewert's website.  It reminds me of the fruit displays that are set up every fall during Peach Days in my hometown.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Off to a less than spectacular start

Started putting in a few hydrangea petals tonight... ARGH! It is much more difficult than expected to get some definition between flowerettes. I expect some darker values for the background between petals will help, but I expect I won't be through dying. I vow not to engage in no reverse hooking until I have one whole mophead done no matter how frustrated I get! (However I refuse to make any promises about finishing a cluster of hydrangeas before I move on to something easier).
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Color Planning - Roses

Ah, with all of the colors roses come in, this should be fun.  If I do the lilies golden tones rather than the white edged pink Stargazers, I may go for the two-tone rose to add interest. I plan to save those roses for LAST.  I think the thought of working with 8-value swatches is the biggest thing that has kept me from starting this rug.

My plan is to study the rose carefully, proceed slowly (and sign up for a rug camp with a teacher who can help!)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mmm... the wool is fresh from the dryer

A yard and a half of yumminess in the form of 6 quarter yard pieces of newly dyed wool fresh from the dryer.  I was very pleased with my success in replicating the colors in this painting of hydrangeas I found on the internet.  The color swatch is one I created by uploading the image to the Kuhlerhere. website.  You can find it and other hydrangea themes by using the search option or go directly to my by clicking

I know I will need to dye more wool for the hydrangeas, so next time I will focus on the darker purple tones and maybe a bit more yellows and greens.  My notes for dying the wool are on yesterday's post.   I'm so excited--I may have to cut some and dip my hook into that virgin linen backing...