Sunday, November 21, 2010

November Rugs from Peninsula Rugmakers Guild

Gerri Shaw – Poppy (Connie Charleston pattern hooked with #3 cut directly on Dorr Wool)

Gerri's shading is exquisite!  I had to touch it to see if it was sculptured the shading was so perfect.

What a novel idea Connie Charleston had with hooking using wool as a backing.  Those of us who have struggled mightily sewing a pillow together will appreciate how much easier it will be for Gerri to make a pillow out of this piece. 

Ardis Deane – (Actual Name Unknown – Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern)

Cute pattern using real (although miniature) clothespins.  Ardis plans to hang it in her laundry room.

Ardis Deane – (Pattern & Designer Unknown)

Ardis calls this her Mt. Fuji gristmill -- maybe somewhere in Japan there is a gristmill with a pine tree and a river flowing by it.  Those mountains do resemble Mt. Fuji!

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