Monday, November 1, 2010

Mmm... the wool is fresh from the dryer

A yard and a half of yumminess in the form of 6 quarter yard pieces of newly dyed wool fresh from the dryer.  I was very pleased with my success in replicating the colors in this painting of hydrangeas I found on the internet.  The color swatch is one I created by uploading the image to the Kuhlerhere. website.  You can find it and other hydrangea themes by using the search option or go directly to my by clicking

I know I will need to dye more wool for the hydrangeas, so next time I will focus on the darker purple tones and maybe a bit more yellows and greens.  My notes for dying the wool are on yesterday's post.   I'm so excited--I may have to cut some and dip my hook into that virgin linen backing...


  1. I find your process for dyeing wool very interesting as this is much the same way I dye mine. Your colors are beautiful and should hook the hydrangeas very well. Can't wait to see them! I have been wanting to get out my dye pots so bad lately but things are too hectic right enjoyed seeing your pan cooking away!!
    Cathy G

  2. Your colors are incredible! They'll be perfect for the hydrangea project. Today I'm trying some natural dyeing. I was pulling up flowers in the yard and decided to use the marigolds to see what I came up with. Right now the wool is mordanting, but I can hardly wait to get started!