Friday, March 29, 2013

Scroll Sampler

I started "Scroll Sampler", a Jane McGown Flynn pattern at Western McGown Teacher's workshop in 2011.  As is my normal method of operating, the edges are not yet finished.  I do, however have a plan--one I am actually quite excited about.

Scroll Sampler, Hooked by: Sharlene Washington, Designer:  Jane McGown Flynn

My teacher (and person who dyed the wool I used) was Le Ann Rudolph.  The wool strips were dip dyed over a variety of base wool colors using the same dye formula.  This gave each piece a bit of variation, yet kept them related so they would look good in the same piece.

One of my friends who hooks with me on Thursday night brought me this footstool.  She found it at a garage sale for $3.  I eyeballed it and soon came to the conclusion it would be a perfect fit for my scroll sampler.  Since I need to turn in my sampler for a critique and they must be able to see the back of it, I am in a bit of a quandary about how to finish it so I can satisfy both purposes.  Any suggestions?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welcome Rug is Done!

I tend to enjoy the hooking considerably more than the finishing, so my rugs tend to spend some time rolled up in a corner waiting for me to be motivated enough to do the binding.  It was actually finished a couple of weeks ago, but I was waiting for some good light on the weekend to photograph it.

A few years back, I attended a primitive rug camp near Heber City, Utah (Daniel's Summit).  During some free time, we made a shopping trip to Heber City where I found this unmarked pattern drawn on white linen in a small quilt shop.  I have no clue who the designer was.  Nothing was written on the border of the pattern and it was the only item "hooking" related in the whole shop.  

I made a few changes on the fly, including deleting a puddle and a duck and changing the container from a cornucopia to a woven basket.  I also added in the grid background (ala Gene Shepherd's Big Momma).

Every rug I make I try to learn something new.  This was the first rug I was brave enough to change the pattern from what was originally drawn.  I feel it is important to do whatever it takes to make a rug your own and make it sing for you.  I wish I had taken a photograph of the original pattern so I could share the changes I made.  That is something I will remember for next time!  Short of that, you can click on the "Welcome Rug" tag to see the other places where I blogged about this rug while I was working on it.

I love these little spiral lolipop flowers.

I modified this big blower a bit to make it appear to be a "mature" version of the other purple flowers

Beading used to simulate woven basket