Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trying to take my mind off this thing!

It's my hooking hand! Do think there is any way to attach a hook? This coming Wednesday I get the two pins removed and a new hopefully more tolerable cast (or splint). Almost 2 weeks down and 4 weeks to go until I can hook again unless I figure some way to duct tape a hook to this thing..

Immediately after surgery I hit the road with my daughter and granddaughter and headed to Las Vegas for 4 days to visit mt son and his wife and daughter. I spent two days at home and then left for a spur-of-the moment trip to Oregon with another daughter's boyfriend to visit her at college. I figured getting out would help me keep busy so time would pass quicker.  I think it has gone faster, but dealing with this cast has been a royal pain.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sharlene,
    Glad the surgery went well!
    The traveling sounds like fun. Better than sitting at home brooding!!!

    It would drive me crazy not being able to hook. can Plan Future Rugs! OK, in four weeks, you could have YEARS of future rugs planned! LOL!!!
    Guess you better strap on that hook and get started.