Monday, May 10, 2010


Bobby, Janet and I had a very enjoyable day Saturday traveling up to the Camellia Guild's rug show in Sacramento.  Near Vacaville we decided we needed a coffee/bathroom break and the first place that looked promising was a Nugget grocery store. 

None of us were familiar with Nugget stores, but we are now--what a gem.  I found myself wishing I was there to do my weekly shopping rather than just passing through, especially when I saw the magnificently arrayed produce.



I had barely snapped the photo when I was informed by the produce clerk that photography was not allowed in the store--company policy.  Apparently the reasoning was that they wanted people to come in and experience the store themselves.   

The array was so tantalizing we decided to select sandwiches from their amazing deli.  It was a most unlikely place to have lunch, but I plan to come back next time I am up this way on my travels to Oregon.  

Don't the grocery aisles in the background add to the ambiance?

Photos from the rug show to follow... 


  1. What an amazing lovely display of veggies!
    I gotta ask- what did they have on the lunch menu??? LOL!!!
    I'm glad you were able to get the photos in spite of the policy. I don't think we have Nuggets on the east coast. Thanks for sharing!

    Can't wait to see the rug show photos!

  2. Do you know when their next show or meeting will be? I'll be visiting family in Sacramento the 2nd week in June and it sure would be fun if I were to hook up with some rug hooking events!

  3. Where was this place? I'd love to stop there on my way to Oregon next month.

  4. Just delicious! What a gorgeous display of produce.

    Thanks for the sweet visit! My coop plans were purchased from an eBay seller. I plan to include a link to the plans in my 'final reveal'.. lol. I modified the original plans numerous times, but they gave this beginner a place to start :) Nice to 'meet' you! -Tammy

  5. The photos were taken at The Nugget Market in Vacaville, CA. Shhh.... they don't allow you to take photos inside.