Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010-07-20 - Giant pumpkin .. approx 125 lbs already

 Isn't it beautiful! We are so excited about our little garden this year. We were just barely planting the pumpkin plant this time last year and we ended up with a pumpkin that was about 85 pounds. My son stuck the scales under this beauty yesterday and figured it was about 125 pounds already. We can only imagine how big it will be 3 months from now when Halloween rolls around. Evan stuck a few boards underneath it with the hopes that they will help facilitate moving the pumpkin from the back to the front come time to show it off. At the rate it has been growing, it will take a crane or helicopter to move it. Short of that, I guess we could chop it up, but that would be no fun.

We have at least 100 ears of corn that are just about ready to harvest. The back corner of the yard ended up being the perfect place to plant it. We have already harvested some broccoli--a first for us. It was wonderful and we will definitely plant it again. It does take up more than its share of space though.

Coming on are the peppers and tomatoes. We were late planting them, but we have lots of time to reap the rewards from them.

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