Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SJBikeParty Ladies Ride

DSC_0052, originally uploaded by b5125125.
I have caught the bug. My daughter hijacked me when I got home from work a couple of months ago and before I knew it I was off with two to three thousand of my new best friends on a night time bike ride. Before the night was done (at 1:30 am I must say), I had logged 29 miles and a skinned knee for the first time in decades. I am woefully out of shape, but I did manage to keep up with bikers pulling trailers rigged out with sofas and small children.

It was fun though. I was sorry to have missed the monthly ride in July, but I did do the SJ BIkeParty Ladies Ride (I'm the one in the pink and ill-fitting helmet at lower right). My daughter is in gray keeping me company.

This last Sunday I participated with about 35 BPartiers and kept up with them on a 33 mile trial ride for this month's party on wheels. This one should be great fun--who knew you could find a 30 mile route with less than 50 feet difference in elevation in the entire ride. The theme is "Hot August Lights", so it should be an amazing parade of thousands of bikes lit up in various ways!

If you are interested in coming along, the rides are always the third Friday of the month around 8:00 pm. Starting point and route announced on website the day of the ride at

...did I mention I'm riding my bike to work and back every day--nearly 9 miles each way! I'm loving it!


  1. Good for you! Every Spring I tell myself that this is the year I will get a bike and go for a ride each night after supper. And then, of course, another Spring rolls around! LOL

  2. Looks like a very fun and fall thing to do! I've really enjoyed reading your blog.... love the pumpkin (125 lbs....Wow!). Thanks so much for checking in with me, and your sweet comment. I'll link you up so that I remember to check back often!

    Oh...Gorgeous rugs!!