Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wild Cherries

My first rug, made sometime in the 2002-2003 timeframe.  It is made with an overdyed antique black background in a 5-cut with a monks cloth foundation.  It was designed by Lib Callaway.

This rug ended up being a favorite in my rug group.  My teacher had previously made it with a light background and after I made it a few more in the group made it as well.  It was interesting how they differed in weight as the density of the hooking varied tremendously from one end of the spectrum to the other.

One end of this rug tends to curl--apparently I hooked it packed a little too tight at the beginning.  This is the only piece I have hooked on monks cloth.

My teacher, Betty Taylor, was wonderful.  She helped me color plan it from her stash and gathered together plenty of wool to complete the rug in a large plastic bag that she kept in her closet for me.  I would come hook every Thursday night with her hooking group and I was able to buy the wool as I went along.  That way the initial output of cash was reduced to the hook, frame and pattern.

Betty suggested I add a spot of light to the cherries to bring in a touch of realism.  My difficulty was remembering the light source and keeping consistency in my piece.  

I love the utility of rug making.  You end up with something useful when you are done.  People said, "Are you really going to put this on the floor".  Of course--a rug is made to use!  Unfortunately, we have three cats and they loved my rug too.  When I realized they were pulling out the loops I pulled it up, cleaned it and now keep it stored rolled up behind the sofa.  Someday I will have a place I can put it that is safe from the cats.  In the meantime, it needs a few minor repairs.

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