Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome Rug Progress

2010-01-26 - Welcome Rug, originally uploaded by Sharlene W.

I am finding I really enjoy the effect of the checkerboard stripes in the background. I find I do a much neater job if I work the lines vertically on my frame rather than horizontally. I had worked several squares before I discovered this. I think I also tend to pack a bit more than I should, so I am working on easing up a bit.

I have been following the challenge here on the internet by another hooking blog to hook at least 10 minutes a day. I will say that first 10 minutes is the most difficult as you have to make a decision to sit down and pick up the hook. Once I start, stopping becomes the issue. I enjoy it so much I have to tear myself away to get to bed.

One positive thing about the squares in the background--I always try to finish a square before I end for the day.

A couple of negative aspects to the stripes is the starts and stops required when you hit a motif in the middle of a square. I decided not to be anal about making sure every square started and ended exactly the same. I don't think it will show enough to worry about it, but the proof is always in the final product!

I have made enough changes on this rug, both from the outset to those made on the fly as I hook to give me the confidence to design my own pattern for my next rug. I am busy gathering ideas for it and the excitement of thinking about it motivitates me to get this one finished.

I am really loving the colors on this one, aren't you?

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  1. I love all of your pictures of the changes you've made to the pattern....I do this a lot too...I even tweek my own patterns as I go what you're doing!