Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a new year!

I didn't get everything done during the holiday break that I had planned, but I did get cabinets put together and organized most of my wool.  Among other things, I had planned to dye wool for Rapture, but the days were all too short weren't they?

As you can see, most of  my wool is natural or oatmeal or solids right off the bolt.  I don't dye anything until I know exactly what I plan to do with it.  It would be much prettier and probably more useful if I had some inventory of colors I love and use regularly.  What kind of a stash do you have?  Do you collect overdyed wool--ready to use?  Do you dye your heart out and then try to figure out what you are going to do with it?  I'm sure everyone has a system that works for them.  So far, this plan does keep me in wool.

I haven't figured out how to organize all of those little pieces left over from a project.  So far, I have quite a collection of them in the square bins, but they are difficult to see.  I also have a basket full of worms, although I'm sure there are a few bags more of them lurking in a closet somewhere.


  1. Oh Sharlene!
    You wonderful rascal! That is the most beautiful and organized looking display of wool I have ever seen!
    You have the right idea with the naturals and lights waiting to be dyed. I think I have collected and bought too much wool over the years and now have so much that isn't the colors I need or want. I do have to get to overdyeing to make it more useful!
    I love your organization! Proves that a small space can serve as well as a whole hooking room which isn't feasible for many!
    Thank-you Thank-you for sharing this!!!!
    Cathy G

  2. Your wool space looks so calm and serene - I can see you getting lots of inspiration from that organization!

  3. I'm going to organize something this year. I'll let you know.