Saturday, October 9, 2010

A New Project...

Suzan Farrens from our South Bay Rug Hookers Guild brought over a stack of wool and quite a few started projects from an acquaintance, Sandra Fletcher, who passed away this March from cancer.  The money from the sale of the wool and patterns will be donated to WomenCare in Santa Cruz.  WomenCare assists women in all ways related to cancer:  emotional, educational, finding doctors, family and friend support -- they cover it all.  She also has a number of hooks that she is selling--the proceeds of which will go to Strike Out Against Cancer.

I ended up with three projects that had been started and abandoned.  The first one I couldn't resist starting immediately, even though I am in the middle of binding and finishing two other rugs.

Really, which is more fun for you--hooking or binding?  I prefer the hooking!

 The pattern is called "Old Time Oval" (PR1333) and is a Primco Pattern sold by The House of Price (designed by Dell Briffiths) and is 23 1/2 x 36 inches and is printed on linen. 

It was originally priced at $47 and has the name Laurie Wiles on tag with a 6/8 cut suggested.  I got the pattern for $15.  Laura Pierce made a comment below that Laurie was the teacher at Western and this was one of the classes Laurie taught there. 

The hooking on the flowers on the right was already done.  I am working on the flower to the left and will probably end up pulling out what was already done before I started.  I want to get a bit more done before I do any reverse hooking.  My plan is to use the background I have left over from my "Welcome" rug as well as some of the wool from the flowers on that rug.  May as well use it up!

I'm not keen on the colors of wool that were with it.  They are casserole dyed primary colors all on one piece of wool going from bright yellow to red to blue.  They are a little bright for my taste.  There are more leaves and stems roughly drawn in center that I do like and plan to keep.  I'm not sure it will remain an oval, but I am sure the border will change.  We will see what I make if it over time.  I wanted to document the starting point on this rug.  The last rug I did bears no resemblance to its beginnings and I wish I had taken a picture before I took off and made all the changes.


  1. It will be fun to watch this rug develop as you tweak the pattern and colors.
    Thanks for your comment. There is an annual Fibre Festival in my area in October :)


  2. How nice of you to start a rug that was started knowing you would have to rip out. I do not like to bind a rug and in fact rarely do I whip a rug binding. I sew on tape or wool cut on the bias and do it that way. Just lazy I guess. But I am always so excited when it is done. I also never start a rug and put it down to start another one. I may get stalled and not hook for a while but I feel that is better than a few started rugs and not many finished ones. Thank you for becoming a follower and I will follow along with you. and thank you for your comment I love to see them makes me feel that someone is reading my little blog.
    Best of wishes to you

  3. good morning Sharlene,
    i attend Western and knew Sandra too. the note on the label is Laurie Wiles... who was the teacher of that project. we often note the teacher, the date, and other important info on the label... since we get 5 projects in 1 week. good to know you're working on this fun piece... i have photos of others that were finished if you're interested.